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What are templates?
SignOnTheGo offers unlimited templates in all of the available plans. If you or your organization utilizes the same form with multiple partners or transactions, you will love our template library! SignOnTheGo has a built in library of ready-to-use templates or you can upload and store your own. Administrators can determine which team members should access these templates or if they should be available to the entire organization.

Accessing the Template Library

Access the template library by selecting “Templates” from your user panel located to the left of the viewing screen.

From here, you can access your personal templates by clicking “My files,” ready-to-use templates made available by SignOnTheGo by clicking “Public,” or your organization’s templates by clicking your organization name.

  • To use a template, simply click “Use Now”
  • You can preview, edit or delete templates by clicking the “ellipse” next to the “Use Now” button to access the additional dropdown menu.

Uploading a Template

To upload a template follow these steps:

  1. Click “Upload” template in the top right hand corner of your template library (see figure above)
  2. Select which drive you will be uploading the document (template) from.
  3. Give the template a name and description
  4. Select “Upload.”

You can also turn any document into a template by clicking the “save as a template” in the document set up process.

If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.