SignOnTheGo- Sign and Send for Signature


Using the Bulk Signature Process

SignOnTheGo now offers a bulk signing workflow that allows you to send documents that require signing by multiple and separate partners in a single transaction. This workflow is ideal for:

  • Permission Slips
  • Activity Waivers
  • NDA’s
  • Other “high volume” signing scenarios.

Steps for Bulk Signing Process:

1. Choose the “Me and Partners” or “Others” workflow on the dashboard.

2. Choose upload or select the document you need to send to bulk signers and update the necessary document information and description as you would in single signer transactions.
3. Choose the “Switch to Bulk Signature Process” in the “Participants” section of the set up screen.
4. From here you will have the option to either add individual bulk signers, add partners from partners group or upload a CSV file (see CSV File Format Requirements in the below section). You may also add a non-bulk participant by clicking “Add Participant”. Non-bulk partners will need to sign all of the bulk partner documents individually.

5. Once the partners are added, you can choose to add additional partners, remove individual partners or remove all participants and start over with a new list.

6. After clicking proceed you will be taken to the field editor screen. Please note that if you (as the document initiator) require to edit the content of any of the fields in the document, you will need to double click in the fields and do so. You will not be given an opportunity later in the process, unless you have added an alternate email for yourself in the signing workflow. We anticipate expanding document initiator roles in the bulk signing process in the near future.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to “unassign” the fields you do not want the bulk signers to have access to as necessary and click continue to send the document.

CSV File Requirements for Uploading to the Bulk Signature Process:

  • File must be in CSV format
  • File must not include “headers” (column names)
  • Proper order for the CSV file should be “first name; last name; email address”

If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.