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The Arrival of a New e-Signature Platform

Two years ago, a bold team decided to take on a challenge.

The Challenge: Enter an e-signature market space where the competition is well-established and complacent.

The current e-signature market has some well-known industry leaders. However, technological advancement has not been as aggressive as it could be. Challenging the status quo in this market is our objective. We took this challenge seriously 700 days ago, 14 individuals and 1 leader came together and decided to take on giants in a very competitive market. Who are these guys that think they can disrupt the e-signature market? The leader is a Marine with 13 years of military experience with an additional 20 years of professional experience in the US Defense contracting industry.
He is surrounded with a group of techies from Poland and the US, and a couple of young talents that he had selected from India. Mr. Ray Sylvain, the founder and CEO, has been very successful in the US defense market space. His team’s background came from the telecommunications and gaming industries. The current market leaders are not afraid of newcomers. The main reason for the lack of respect for newcomers is an experience. These industry leaders don’t believe newcomers will have enough gravitas to challenge them. These trailblazers are betting on their brand and the inability of a newcomer to “catch up”. This is corporate hubris at its best.

What did the team do to build a better product?

The team addressed the user experience, such as workflow improvements that are customer-focused. Providing the ability to negotiate and edit agreements between users and the ability to keep track of all changes separate from the final executed version. The team addressed security by adopting blockchain technology which provides authenticity verification for signed documents.

What did the team do to build a better product?

SignOnTheGo is the solution the small business community has been seeking. It is a secured and user-focused e-signature platform that is now available at an affordable price. SignOnTheGo removed any feature restrictions for all users. All advanced features are available at all price points.

What did the team do to build a better product?

The main objective is to help close the gaps that currently exist in the e-signature market by providing robust quality, blockchain-based security, higher value and superior customer service. Other features include negotiation workflow, agreement retraction and pay-as-you-go options for single users and small businesses.
Based on information gathered specifically for this article, industry leaders may want to pause and pay attention to this team. According to SignOnTheGo’s leader, their movement is about “creating a new culture that will focus on customer satisfaction.” This type of bold mindset tends to be dangerous for any competition. Here are the reasons why: The focus from the first day of R&D to the last day before the launch has been quality. The team wanted to deliver a quality product to the market – especially to small businesses.
Next, the team examined the value that is currently being delivered to the consumers at large; again, the focus was small businesses. According to the team, the result was not too flattering. For example, 1) the offerings were misleading and over-priced; 2) the overall quality was below standard; 3) the customer service was not equal to the price paid. According to the SignOnTheGo team, this new e-Signature Platform will bring the missing quality and value to the consumers. Once a prospective consumer joins SignOnTheGo, the plan is to provide a superior e-signature platform of quality and to deliver optimal service.