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SignOnTheGo Security Standards

SignOnTheGo operates under layers of security to protect your documents with firewall access and data encryption. Important components, designed to store encrypted data and enforce workflows, are segregated from each other according to industry best practices.

Communication Between User and Server:

Communication between the user and server is always encrypted with HTTPS protocol. The web application has attached an SSL Certificate, which proves the site authenticity and ensures the users that any data exchange with the server is according to the most current secure communication standards.

Physical Access Control to Secured Servers:

Physical access to the servers are limited to only authorized professionals, employed by SignOnTheGo personnel. Servers are secured in locked and guarded infrastructure, under constant surveillance.

Public and Private Key Encryption:

Each executed document is protected by a digital signature that prevents the document from tampering post signing. Any changes made to the document (such as, when a user highlights a word or phrase) is notated within the document signature panel.

Password Handling and User Authentication:

SignOnTheGo takes security very seriously. Users are authenticated according to the industry standards defined in Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) and OAuth 2.0. An additional security method, called “salting” is applied, which makes hacking of passwords even more difficult.

SignOnTheGo Cloud Deployment:

In addition to it’s on premise datacenter, SignOnTheGo has selected Microsoft Azure as it’s preferred cloud platform solution. Microsoft Azure is a cloud based extension of the SignOnTheGo platform that ensures our users continuity and accessibility to their important documents in a secure environment.

More Info

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If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.