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SignOnTheGo Presents: “WYSIWYG”

“WYSIWYG” (pronounced “WIZ-ee-wig”) stands for “What You See Is What You Get.” Simply defined: the product that you see in front of you is exactly what you get when you complete the transaction or purchase.

Changing How You See Your Documents
So how has SignOnTheGo harnessed the power of such a simple concept? We have improved the way our users engage their documents by allowing them to fully edit the contents of their documents, not just pre-defined fields, within a live version of the PDF.

Changing How You See Your Documents

This feature is particularly beneficial to those who work in document-intensive industries, such as the legal, financial or real estate industries. Imagine the ability to upload a lengthy document, such as an intake form or purchase contract, and quickly sending it to your client without having to “prepare” the form in advance? SignOnTheGo makes the entire document execution process “turnkey” with this vital functionality.

Negotiations and document execution are accelerated since WYSIWYG eliminates some of the additional steps in the editing process. When the successful and timely execution of a contract is critical to your business, you want to go with a solution that prevents unnecessary delays in that process.

What Is SignOnTheGo
SignOnTheGo is a blockchain based, e-signature platform that allows users to do business on their terms. We provide all premium features, including “What You See Is What You Get,” at every plan level for no additional costs. Come and see what’s new and try one of our individual or team plans free for 30 days!