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SignOnTheGo® Looking to Bring Discipline to The E-Signature Market

It is time for the consumers in the e-signature market to receive the quality of service necessary as the demand for this service increases. Discipline is not a foreign concept for the SignOnTheGo® Team since it has a US Marine as its leader. “Discipline will be the key to continuing with our research and development to provide enhanced security to the e-signature market,” Mr. Ray Sylvain.
One of the major technological advancements by SignOnTheGo®, LLC is blockchain technology. The team is focused on utilizing this technology that will reduce the surging security concerns that exist in the global market. SignOnTheGo’s blockchain technology is bringing complex and expensive security concepts to small businesses. The vision of SignOnTheGo® is to become the center of excellence in the e-signature market. Besides security, other key aspects of becoming the center of excellence are customer service and quality of the product. SignOnTheGo is determined to make small businesses its big business, by providing them with the best tool available to increase productivity and efficiency.
The CEO of SignOnTheGo was asked if the disciplined mindset approach is even possible in an R&D environment? “As long as I am the leader of SignOnTheGo, we will not lose sight of this key attribute to be successful. We will not forget how we got here. I put a team together that believes in being disciplined. By being disciplined, our clients will be the ultimate benefactors. We are going to be relentless. We are going to chase the dream of becoming a center of excellence. And when we get there, we will shift our focus to becoming better. The competition should take better care of their clients or we will do it for them. We will listen to the client’s needs and take action on what those needs are.”
“We are going to reach out to one prospective client at a time, one city at a time. Starting in San Francisco, CA on August 9, 2018, at the #Small Business Expo. Come to visit our booth and meet us. We look forward to seeing everyone there,” states Mr. Sylvain. SignOnTheGo advanced features and blockchain-secured platform will bring much-needed value at a lower price point to the e-signature market. Check out SignOnTheGo’s pricing at The product is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, and the Web.