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SignOnTheGo – Blockchain-secured e-signature platform

SignOnTheGo® is the solution for the individual, business or organization seeking a secured and quality digital signature solution at an affordable price without paying for services they don’t use or sacrificing features they need.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is implemented in the security infrastructure. Each signed document is published to the blockchain to provide an immutable method (independent from SignOnTheGo) of verifying document authenticity and integrity. 

Geolocation Technology

Geo-location Technology uses GPS, built into common devices like cellphones, to determine where consumers are in the world. This technology is not only used to get motorists from point A to point B using the most efficient routes, it is also used behind the scenes to drive global commerce and social interaction. Read more >>

Digital QR Certification Code
Each executed document has a unique identifier verified by blockchain technology and embedded into the executed document. A QR code is added on each audit trail page. This QR Code can be used to verify the authenticity of the document.
Audit Trail History

There is associated and audit trail history with each signed document which listing all important events in the document lifecycle. Audit trail can be seen directly in the application or can be downloaded for auditing purpose in form of separate document.


PDF Document Lock

One additional layer of security – No parties can make additional edits to an executed document as it is sealed with digital signature. Any change done in such document will invalidate digital signature..
Change History
Each change made in the negotiation/editing process is being tracked and available for the review. History of changes can be compared across different document revisions.
Beyond the Signature
As we prepare for an extended remote work environment, it is essential to make sure that your process is protected against fraud and data breach. With SignOnTheGo, you can password protect your document, and once executed, it is sealed with a digital certificate, encrypted, and written to the blockchain to protect against fraudulent changes or unauthorized access.
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