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Let me define some of the invisible shackles for you, my white brothers and sisters:

1.) Marginalizing the black men: Stop doing that! This is an emotional shackle planted deep into our brains (the black men). It is painful. It is hard to shake off.

2.) You call yourselves the ‘silent majority’, and you are ready to condemn the black men when we want to be heard: Stop that! Stop being ignorant! Do some reading, and learn about the inequality that exists under your very nose. You, the silent majority must come to our rescue. We need your help!

3.) The bias against the black men: Stop calling strike one against us before we even “swing a bat at the ball”. Give us a fair chance. Give us a fair shot. With a non-bias approach towards us, we will walk to the mountain top together.

4.) Our urban community gets more police instead of more community centers: Give us a place and the funding to mentor our brilliant youths. Yes! We, the back men, have smart children too. In fact, our children can be smart, athletic and full with the energy to fuel our country’s culture and more…

We are ready to continue to enrich OUR (white, black and brown) culture on the global stage as we have been doing for many years (#HarrietTubman, #RosaParks, #MLKJr, #JamesBaldwin, #GeorgeWashingtonCarver, #FrederickDouglas, #MalcolmX, #BarakObama, #OprahWinfrey, #RalphBunche, #MayaAngelou, #DesmondTutu, #MuhammadAli, #SerenaWilliams, #ArthurAshe, #MichaelJordan, #JackieRobinson, #LebronJames, #JimBrown….. the list goes on and on).

Can you just imagine how much longer this list of contributors to our culture and global society could be without those invisible shackles?

IF, you, ‘the silent majority,’ can help us remove those invisible shackles, ANGRY WE SHALL BE NO MO’.


Ray Sylvain / President, CEO, SignOnTheGo®