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Document Signing

SignOnTheGo offers multiple signature workflows: Me, Me and Others, Others, in-Person Signature and Negotiation.

  • When a partner(s) accepts the terms and conditions within a document,  notification will be sent automatically via e-mail. When a document is ready to be signed, it can be found in your “Recent” or “Waiting for you” folders.
  • To sign the document, you have 3 options; you can draw, type or add an image of your signature that has been stored on your device or desktop.

  • If a signature field was not added and not assigned, you will have the freedom to drag and drop the signature in the appropriate area.
  • Your document is ready. Choose “Proceed” to send.

In-Person Signature

With the SignOnTheGo platform, an in-person-signature option is available. A document can be drafted on-site and presented to a partner for their signature. A document can be presented and signed on a mobile device (e.g., iOS or Android devices).

  • Step 1 – To complete the In-Person signature, you may choose the predefined workflow from the dashboard or main menu or create a new document.
  • Step 2 – Prior to signing, select a document and edit the fields if needed.

The In-Person signature process can be applied at the last phase of the process:

  • Step 1 – Select In-Person signature.
  • Step 2 – Remember, the signer must be present to complete this process.
  • Note: In order to make this a legally binding process, the in-person-signer must accept the Terms and Conditions prior to signing the agreement or document.
  • Step 3 – You may add additional signatures if needed.
  • Step 4 – To finalize the process, select “Proceed.”

Signature initials

Initials can be placed anywhere in a document or in defined signature fields. If a document requires initials, they will be automatically placed on each page in the lower right corner. However, you will have the option to customize placements of all initials.

  • The option of adding initials in a document is available in the last phase of the process, when  a document has already been accepted by all partners.
  • Before signing a document, you can choose to insert Initials, image, text or date.

  • Initials can be placed anywhere in the document via the drag and drop option; or automatically placed in a predefined place at the bottom of the page.
  • After placing all initials as required, you will need to add a signature in order to proceed and send.

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