SignOnTheGo- Sign and Send for Signature

New Users Dashboard – it is all about you!

Recently, we added not only a series of new features in our application, also introduced changes in its appearance. Let us briefly present to you our new user dashboard, which was created entirely based on our users’ feedback.
More Intuitive Navigation
The new dashboard means, above all, more straightforward navigation within the application. We streamlined the process, making the process from the selection of the document to its signing as easy as possible. Three pre-defined workflows are easily accessible on the new dashboard:
The “Me” workflow allows single signers to easily upload and execute a document that they only need to sign.
“Me & Partners” will allow you to sign a document with partners who will also need to sign and/or edit a document.
“Others” will allow you to setup a workflow that will provide the ability for your partners to edit and/or sign a document that does not require your signature.
Focused on Features
We know our application and its functions like the back of our hands, and we want it to be as easy to use for you – that’s why in our new dashboard we highlight features that may not be so obvious to a new user. These features are now accessible from the application home page as a “Quick Action”.
The In-Person signature process allows for documents that are drafted on a mobile device to be presented to a partner for their signature in person. After selecting this workflow, you will go through this process without any additional steps.
“Negotiate with Others” provides the ability for extensive negotiation of the terms and conditions of your document, between you and your partner(s) before acceptance of the agreement.
“Validate Document” will direct you to document verification view in which, thanks to blockchain technology, you can easily ensure document authenticity.
Easier Document Workflow
Last but not least, is more convenient access to templates, quick template creation, and user profile. You’ll find these options at the bottom of our new dashboard.
“Templates” icon will lead you to a menu where you may select one of your own files or browse our library where we have a variety of forms for your use. These forms include Business Related Forms, Health Care Forms, HR Forms, Legal Forms, Real Estate Forms, and Recommendation Letter Templates.
“Prepare template” icon is just a simplified way to add and edit your frequently used documents and save it in the application as a template for future use.
With “User profile” you will be able to enter the administration panel and change your personal information, password and payment details.
We hope that these changes will make the application more straightforward and intuitive for you. And remember we are always open to feedback, so let us know what you liked best in our new dashboard.