SignOnTheGo- Sign and Send for Signature

Step 1

In the application home page, select the “Me & Others” icon.

Step 2

Upload your document or select a template.

By default, the application will assign to you and partners the role of editing, accepting and signing the document. 

You may add additional partners to the process and set different roles for them, but at least one party has to be the approver and signer, or one party has to be the signer and the other must be the approver of the document. 

You can also use additional options – protect the document with a password, set expiration date for the document, hide the email addresses in the audit trail or hide the audit trail for the partners.

Step 3

Proceed to document editing, where you can edit your template by adding signature fields, text boxes and check boxes >>Edit the document

Step 4

After inserting text, signature, checkbox and dropdown fields, in the next step you can edit text fields in the document. To edit the content of a field, click on the selected field with your mouse.

Step 5

Until all partners accept the document as once the document is accepted, editing is locked regardless if signature is placed or not.

Step 6

Add your signature, then drag and drop the signature field to the right place. To send the document click “Proceed”.