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Making The Documents Legally Binding in SignOnTheGo

In order for a contractual agreement to bear legal effects, generally, it must be signed with a handwritten signature. However, many documents are additionally initialed. The document usually consists of initials on multi-page documents. On the one hand, it is an expression of acceptance of each of the individual parties to the contractual agreement, and an additional security feature – by initialing each page, we are sure that no one will replace the parties from the contract by changing its terms.
Security Guaranteed in SignOnTheGo
Thanks to the blockchain technology in SignOnTheGo, we have created a secure electronic signature – an encrypted fingerprint of your document allows you to check at any time if someone has made changes to it outside the application. This mechanism works somewhat similarly to initials – it guarantees that no one adds content to the document that would change its conditions.
Providing Initials in Electronic Form
How does it work? It’s very simple. You can add your initials in the last step of the process before signing the document. Right next to the “Sign document” button you will find the “Insert” option. When expanding it, you can choose to add a username, picture, note, date and initials. If you select “Initials”, a very similar window to the signature window will appear on the screen. You can write your initials with the mouse or by hand on the screen if you are using a smartphone or tablet.

Our application allows you to add initials anywhere in the document by dragging the window or automatically adding it in the lower right corner of the chosen page(s):

• on all pages;
• on all pages except the last one;
• only on the last page of the document.

You made a mistake in adding your initials? No problem.
Just undo all stamps and restart the signing process with SignOnTheGo!
Remember that after initials have been added to the document, you will still need to add your signature to complete the process and send to your partner(s) to complete the execution of the document.

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