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Improving Contract Management with Geolocation Technology

It’s been a mere 8 months since SignOnTheGo made our debut in the e-signature market. Since then, our users have helped us bring new features to our platform that improve their experience and productivity.
Introducing Geo-location

Geo-location Technology uses GPS, built into common devices like cellphones, to determine where consumers are in the world.

This technology is not only used to get motorists from point A to point B using the most efficient routes, it is also used behind the scenes to drive global commerce and social interaction.
Now Geo-location technology can be used as a tool to improve upon business processes, especially the document management experience.

The Upside to Using Geolocation as a Utility

Many industries are already leveraging Geo-location as a way to fine tune their marketing exposure and product placement, as well as monitor inventory as it moves through the supply chain. Employers utilize this technology to track field personnel and gather information in order to improve efficiency for their operation.

This information is stored within the audit trail, bolstering the integrity and authentication of the document. Businesses, such as those who rely heavily on logistics, can utilize this functionality to capture exact locations of the signer on bill of ladings, receiving documents or other transportation forms. This helps mitigate inventory shrinkage or lost merchandise associated with mishandling of product.

How Does It Work?

Users can take advantage of the geo-location functionality on the SignOnTheGo platform by, first ensuring their location services are turned on or accepted through their device or web browser. It’s important that any partners involved in the process should also do the same, if it is necessary to record their location during the signing process.

Once all parties sign the document, the GPS location is recorded in the audit trail. Users can view the location in the audit trail and click on the link to view it in map form.

But What About Privacy?

SignOnTheGo is diligent about adhering to global privacy laws. Users can opt to not utilize the Geo-location functionality by electing to “not allow” location services to track the document transaction.

SignOnTheGo also deploys security protocol that goes above and beyond industry standards, protecting sensitive information related to our users and their transactions.

What’s on the Horizon

SignOnTheGo is dedicated to our users and improving our platform to meet your needs. We have so much in store in the near future and look forward to the innovations to come.

We always welcome requests and ideas for product improvement. In fact, if you have an idea or a feature request, email or tag @SignOnTheGo on your favorite social media platform. Don’t forget to include #MyFeature and your idea could be included in our next release.