SignOnTheGo- Sign and Send for Signature


How to Use the “Click to Sign” Feature

SignOnTheGo now offers the ability to sign your documents with a simple “Click” of the mouse. This feature allow you to sign multiple fields by clicking the signature boxes, without having to redraw or upload your signature more than once.

This feature is designed specifically for signing situations that require you to prove and record “intent” or to ensure that the recipient has read and acknowledged each section intentionally.

1. When you start the process, be sure to select “Click to Sign” in the Additional Options dropdown during the setup.

2. Once your document gets to the signature phase, click “Sign Document” and enter your signature.

3. Follow the prompts and click all of the signature fields that you need to sign.

4. When finished signing, click “Finish” and then continue with the document execution process.

If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.