SignOnTheGo- Sign and Send for Signature

Depending on your role in the process you may retract or reject a document. However, a document may be retracked of rejected only before it is signed. The owner of the the document may retract it and the partner can reject it until the last phase of the signature process.

Step 1

Depending on your role in the process, select the document you would like to retract/reject from the “Waiting for Your” or “Waiting for Partners” on the side menu.

Step 2

In the document menu, select the proper option and confirm that you would like to retract/reject.

Option to retract/reject a document will also appear in the process before signing. Regardless of when you retract/reject a document, the effect will be the same.


When you retract/reject a document, it will be purged. All parties will no longer have access to this purged document.