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Did you know the average person spends two and a half hours reading and replying to emails every day? In fact, productivity issues cost companies a combined $1 trillion every year! If your business finds itself behind in the “Go Paperless” trend, you may want to pay attention, because your resistance could be costing you more than you know. Here are just a few of the benefits to adopting a paperless work environment.
Stewards of the Environment

Don’t worry, we aren’t trying to shame you into going paperless. It just helps to know all of the facts before choosing to adopt a paper-free lifestyle. But just in case you were wondering, pulp and paper production is the 3rd largest industrial pollutant for air, water and land in the world! Just one ton of paper contains over 7,000 gallons of water, 17 trees and 380 gallons of oil! Couple that with the University of Colorado’s study illustrating that enough paper is thrown away each year to make a 12’ wall from New York to California! This doesn’t even count the environmental impact of the production and disposal of ink cartridges and toner!

Budget Friendly and Productive

Every year businesses in the United States spend between $25-$35 BILLION on filing and storing documents! Part this is contributed to the cost and maintenance of filing cabinets (which we would be remiss if we didn’t point out all of the space you would gain if you didn’t need them anymore.) Plus, think about what you spend in Toner, paper, postage and other paper related supplies!

Still not convinced?

45% of companies report that prior to adopting a paperless policy, it took over 3 weeks to get their contracts signed. After making the switch, document turnaround time was improved by over 80%! In fact, 84% of the companies that made the switch, report achieving a payback of investment in less than 18 months of going paper-free, according to

So how does SignOnTheGo factor in?

Consider these three small-business costs:

The average annual cost of paper is $80 per employee (more if you are a law office.)
The average annual spend for postage is $4,000
The average annual cost of toner/ink is $300
For a staff of 15, the total annual cost of these three categories is $5,500, or $366.67 per person!

SignOnTheGo’s Economies of Scale plan is just $6 per month per person for the same staff of 15!


More of the global workforce is spending time working at least part time from remote or home environments. Sometimes this means not having access to important documents or files when you need them most. Furthermore, relying on antiquated methods for storing documents could be devastating to any businesses, especially if that business operates in natural disaster-prone areas.


Thanks to growing global legislation, digital signatures are considered legally binding in most countries. Additionally, the ability to authenticate digital signatures and documents through blockchain technology, makes a paperless policy even more secure than traditional methods because it renders a document and its signatures tamper proof.