SignOnTheGo- Sign and Send for Signature


Our features are aligned with the current market standard. All the basic workflow features are available. SignOnTheGo has gone above and beyond the market standard to adding additional features for a more complete workflow.

Account Manager


Activity Dashboard

The activity dashboard provides the administrator with the ability to monitor all activities within the corporate account.


Manage Users features

Users can be easily managed using provided administration panel. This includes adding, blocking, removing users and changing their account details.


Team Transaction Dashboard

All transactions (documents waiting to be signed, executed documents, etc.), can be seen through the team transaction dashboard.

Manage Team Templates

All corporate templates will be made available for team-sharing.

Only you sign

Unlimited signature fields. Supports self-signing workflow

Multi-Signature Workflow

Unlimited signatures can be added to the document. The document can be signed by multiple partners.


In-Person Signature

A document can be drafted on-site and presented to a partner for their signature on mobile device (e.g., iOS or Android devices).

Visual Builder

Document formats: MS Word, MS Powerpoint, RTF, and of course natively supported PDF. In addition, application provides the possiblity to create a document on the fly from images/photos (incl. instant document capture using your mobile device camera).

Drag & Drop Fields

In the editing phase, users may Drag & Drop Checkboxes, Dropdown menus, Signature, Initial and Text fields onto the document for edits. Learn more >>

Custom Templates

Create customized templates by adding common user interface controls like text fields, checkboxes, signature fields. 

Signature & Initials
Signatures can be placed anywhere on the document or in predefined signature fields. Moreover, you can assign signature fields to any partner in the process.
Additional Stamps
Additional stamps like notes and images can be inserted into document on the fly to provide additional information.

Negotiation Workflow

Multiple Roles
Users can choose from multiple signing roles to assign to their partners, including Approve, Edit and Sign workflow combinations. You may also choose non-signature workflows, like ‘Will Receive a Copy.
Negotiation Workflow

The workflow allows for editing of the terms and conditions between the parties prior to acceptance of the agreement. Owner of the document has full flexibility to decide who can edit the document.

Custom Signature Order
Add signers to the document and define the order in which the document will be signed by partners.
Compare Changes
An editable document can be changed by partners during negotiaion. All changes are tracked, saved and stored as part of the historical record. Users can retrieve and compare document versions at any stage of the document lifecycle.

Final Document Workflow

Unlimited Revisions
This process allows for partners to agree to the terms and conditions through unlimited number of revisions before a document can be fully executed.
Document Retraction
Documents can be retracted any time prior to execution at no additional charge. Upon retraction, the process is terminated and your partners will be notified of the cancellation.
Document Audit

Audit trail page contains detailed information about the document, the events that occured during document processing including timestamp and geolocation information.

Document Archives
All executed documents will be automatically moved to the archive folder after specified number of days.
E-Mail and Mobile Push Notifications
In-app push notifications plus email notifications for all transactions pertaining to user’s activity.
Reminder Notifications

The owner can remind the partner with custom messages. 

Cloud Storage Integration

Integrated with industry leading cloud solutions:
Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.
Allows users to import and export documents from their favorite cloud storage providers.