SignOnTheGo- Sign and Send for Signature


Drag and Drop Editable Fields
1. Choose a workflow on the Dashboard or customize your own workflow by clicking “New Document” in the user panel on the left.
2. Upload or choose a document from any of your cloud and local drives or choose from our built in template library.
3. Complete Document Information
4. Complete Participant information
5. Add any additional options as desired and click “Next”

Drag and Drop desired fields onto your document:

  1. Signature Field- you can add and assign to your partner
  2. Initial Field- you can add and assign initials anywhere in the document.
  3. Text field- completely editable and can be formatted easily.
  4. Checkboxes- can be resized and placed anywhere desired on your document.
  5. Dropdown- can be customized with options and placed anywhere in the document
  6. Auto Fill Field: Date Signed – Date will automatically populate when document is signed by the assigned participant.
  7. Auto Fill Field: User Name – Printed name of assigned user will automatically populate when document is signed.
  8. Attachment Field: Allows document initiator to assign and require attachments that must be added by the signer.

If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.