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the pandemic of hardship and opportunities for small businesses.

Boca Raton, Fla – June 8, 2020 – COVID-19, a global pandemic that has drastically impacted all global industries, especially small businesses. In the end, although the damage is severe, it must be harnessed to create new opportunities.

The past few months have been simply devasting for the entire world.
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Businesses’ doors were shuttered. Most of the population were quarantined. Companies like SignOnTheGo were frozen in time. Layoffs were looking large. Trillions of dollars of global market value lost. What can a small business like SignOnTheGo do to protect its future? In recent years, the popularity of blockchain technology has been developing rapidly in many industries.

This technology continues to show good opportunities in the following areas: in the field of healthcare, for cross-border payments, remote voting, a solution for Forex trading, platforms for small and medium businesses, network of air cargo.

Blockchain is one of the most suitable systems for storing any information to date.

As the pandemic persists and continues to create a new reality, we see new opportunities that will increase the importance of SignOnTheGo through the continued development of its Blockchain Technology implementation.

As witnessed, one of the major impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is online services such as virtual schooling, which has become widespread.

Also, every day we see an increasing need for workflow optimization. This pandemic, along with universal quarantine, prompted many companies to increase the usage of electronic document processing workflow model.

It should also be noted that the recent transition to increase telecommuting of millions of employees, presents enormous risks to information security. Currently, cyber threats are now more prevalent. Another threat is the leak of personal data. These current urgent issues with the need for securing remote access to information system resources and infrastructure stability will continue to grow.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created tremendous network loads, which lead to short-term malfunctions in some cases. Many network providers have been forced to handle the increase of traffic volumes by approximately thirty-three percent (33%). One of the solutions to this problem was to block high-definition video streams around the world.

SignOnTheGo will use this opportunity to continue on improving the next level of document security as the first layer of authentication. SignOnTheGo will use the biggest in the blockchain game to strengthen the document authentication process: Bitcoin. The size and stability of this network is most in line with SignOnTheGo’s goal to provide a secure and immutable method of authenticating documents-beyond what digital signatures can provide.

Every document is encrypted and written to the Bitcoin Blockchain Network. A user simply needs to click the link in the audit trail of their executed document and upload the document they wish to verify. The document hash is compared to the hash on the blockchain and authenticated immediately.

These three components, coupled with a complete document editing history and audit trail, are the foundation of SignOnTheGo’s superior document security foundation.

SignOnTheGo uses only advanced technologies, any attempt of fraudulent activity will be eradicated. To see an example of using blockchain technology on an electronic signature platform >>

SignOnTheGo is an e-signature platform dedicated to helping our community. We are currently offering free e-signature plans to all businesses impacted by the COVID-19 virus. 


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