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Confidentiality and Privacy

Your Privacy is Our #1 Priority

SignOnTheGo adheres to global privacy standards set by the United States E-SIGN and UETA Acts, as well as European, eUIDASand GDPR Regulations. Our application collects and cryptographically stores a minimal amount of sensitive user data, limiting it to basic personal information such as; user name, phone number, email address and credit card details. All stored or processed documents containing this data is considered sensitive, and is encrypted and stored accordingly.

SignOnTheGo also ensures:

  • User consent for each digital transaction and to provide our services
  • Unique Signature generation for each transaction (we do not store signatures)

SignOnTheGo audits and updates our privacy policies, regularly, to ensure that it always exceeds industry standards and global regulations.

You can read more about our Privacy Policy >> Here

SignOnTheGo will never ask you for your credit card information, login credentials or any other personal information over email or the phone. We may, ask you to verify the email address you used to create an account, especially for account cancellations. This is strictly to ensure we are disabling or addressing issues with the correct account.

Best Practices to Protect Your Data:

  • Always use an up to date anti-virus software on your workstations.
  • Use caution when operating in a public environment, like a public workstation or anywhere you have access to public Wi-Fi. Personal data can be stored (cached), making it accessible to the next user.
  • Keep your User ID’s and Passwords protected at all times.
  • Make sure you password has a degree of difficulty that nobody else can guess.
  • Never write down or share your information with anyone.

If you ever suspect that your SignOnTheGo account has been compromised, please notify us immediately, so we may assist in mitigating any potential risks to you or the account.

If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.