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Community Impact

If we don’t take care of the youth today, we are jeopardizing our tomorrow and  creating a negative impact on the day after tomorrow.

-Ray Sylvain.

This quote is the conduit that drives my philanthropical movement. The core values of this crusade expresses leadership through living by example, pledging an allegiance to the youth, and innovation that will positively impact the urban culture.  My strategy is calculated, long term,and focuses on building  equity in disenfranchise communities through Youth empowerment, Education and Entrepreneurship.

This movement is designed to employ the youth  socially ,culturally, economically, and  to invoke change that will  not only impact a community but shift its paradigm. Since I was seven years old, I knew I wanted to become successful, so I could provide opportunities to urban youth.Education is  an essential part of success ,and a luxury so many can’t afford. Providing  students with scholarships, internships, and mentorships is the heart of my life’s work and is paramount to my agenda.

Inspiring and equipping entrepreneurs with resources and support will  help heal the infrastructure of disenfranchise communities. There will be increase employment, promotion economical development, and alleviation in poverty.  Entrepreneurship is the foundation. Youth empowerment is the change. Education is the heart. These are the  three pillars of my philanthropical movement. My hope is to revitalize, reshape, and redefine my community by creating opportunities, and  solutions to help empower it’s patrons to overcome challenges.

Youth Empowerment

Investing in the youth is an important part of SOTG mission and we find great pleasure in equipping these young people with the apparatuses of success. Partnering with Urban League of Broward County has enable us to assist middle school and high school youth.  We are committed to teaching youth Cultural/ Leadership activities, Employability skills, Tutoring, Enrichment activities, Academic competitions, College prep workshops, STEM engagements, National Achievers Society, and After -School programs. Giving youth access to these resources will encourage them to examine values, beliefs and attitude and make the necessary changes to enhance their own lives.


At SignOnTheGo we believe education is paramount and essential for a successful life. Currently SOTG support several educational programs ranging from grade school to College. We are committed to this generation young minds and want to equip them with tools required to excel. SignOnTheGo is passionate about education and it is the heart of what we do! We believe in investing in the minds of those who want to pursue a better life for themselves through education. Our goal is to supply scholarships, internships, mentorships and recommendations to help enhance academic and professional careers.


Entrepreneurship is the foundation SignOnTheGo and we are committed to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs with their visions. Investing in our community’s entrepreneurs will help boost the economy in under privileged neighborhoods while building the esteem of it’s patrons  Teaming up our affiliate will encourage community building , continued education such as trainings and workshops and personal development seminars which are indispensable.

Equipping youth with essential skills will employ competencies such as positive sense of self, pro- social connectedness, and decision making skills which leads to higher quality of life for under privileged youth.

SignOnTheGo® is committed to paying it forward through active engagement and utilizing our platform to provide resources for the youth to promote change.


We appreciate our partners on going support and commitment to SignOnTheGo’s vision to service the community and its patrons. Thank you for standing with us as we serve.

The Initiative

Upcoming  Campaigns

SignOnTheGo has so much in store with our upcoming college crusade. This crusade will be packed with scholarship opportunities for all collegiate levels. We will be touring various colleges and encouraging students to pursue their dreams Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter for more details.

Back To School giveaway 2020 !! Let’s Get ready to rumble! SignOnTheGo will be teaming up with Urban League of Broward County to assist hundreds of students with backpacks, school supplies and gift cards. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and twitter for more details.


  • March 12th-13th- Junior Achievement Exhibition
  • March 25th -26th- Urban Tech Spring Break  Camp at Urban League of Broward County
  •  April 14th- Tech Talk with Ray Session2 at Lauderhill high school
  • April 22nd- Tech Talk with Ray Session 3 at Lauderhill high school
  • June 3rd – Justice Project Summer Event

Internship Framework

SignOnTheGo Internship is design for undergraduate and graduate students looking for an opportunity to experience the inner workings of a small business. Students will be placed in various departments as needed and will have a chance to participate in marketing and sales initiatives and assignments.

Applications will be available upon request for more information please contact kcollie@signonthego.us

Speaking Engagements

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