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Can I share an executed document?

Once a document is executed, all parties included in the original workflow will receive a copy of the executed document in the emails provided during the setup process. Partners involved in the workflow can forward this document at their discretion, but only documents that include the complete audit trail can be verified for authenticity.

There are multiple ways to share a document externally and from within the SignOnTheGo Application:

Sharing Documents Externally

Sharing Documents From Within the SignOnTheGo Application:

  1. You can access your executed documents from the “Recent” or “Archive” options in the user panel. Then Click the “…” to the right of the document you wish to share to reveal the sharing options. You can save to the cloud, download the document or email the document directly from this menu.
  2. Through the Administrative Panel/Documents and then download the document to your files or cloud server (requires Administrative Access).
Save or share to your cloud server by clicking the “…” to the right of the executed document and then selecting ‘Save To Cloud’.  From there you can send the document anywhere.
*Please Note:  Check with your company policies regarding sharing of documents and confidential information prior to sharing executed documents with people not originally in the workflow process.  Documents secured with passwords or encrypted keys are not accessible to anyone who does not possess the correct security clearance for access. SignOnTheGo or its representatives are not permitted to disclose personal information and, in most cases, do not have access to encrypted information on the servers.*

If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.