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Can I Set an Expiration on My Documents?
You can set an expiration on your documents so you don’t have to worry about manually retracting obsolete contracts. Simply follow the steps below:
1. After choosing your document, fill in the partner information and their roles.
2. Click “Advanced Options”
3. Check “Set Expiration Date”

4. Choose the date you wish the document to expire should it not be executed.

Optional: Click “Send Automatic Reminders” as well as a start date for the reminder, which will send you and your partners reminders until the day of expiration.

You can also set an expiration to any document that has not been executed by clicking “Recent,” “Waiting for You” or “Waiting for Partners” and finding the document you wish to add a deadline for.
1. Click the ellipsis (“…”) next to the document.

2. Click “Set Expiration Date” and then enter the desired expiration to the document.

If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.