SignOnTheGo- Sign and Send for Signature


Can I edit a document before sending it?
You can edit the content of any document that has been uploaded as an editable PDF. You can also add editable fields, signature fields and checkboxes to your document by following the directions below. Determine how many people will need to sign and click the appropriate shortcut on the dashboard for your process:
1.Fill-in the appropriate partner information and their user roles.
2. Upload your document via “Upload file” or drag and drop to the “Drag and Drop” space. You can also choose from the template library or upload from a cloud drive.
3. Name your document and give it an optional description.
4. Add the appropriate participant information. For In-Person Signatures, follow the instruction for “In-Person Signing. ”
5. If you require any advanced options, such as document password protection, hiding audit trail content or setting a document expiration be sure to select these options in the “Advanced Options” section. Then click “Next.”
6. In the next screen, add, delete or edit document fields. You can use the right navigation panel to assign specific fields, change text and field properties or add additional fields to the document. Click Save. Did You Know: If the document fields are a “yellow/orange” color, you are in a screen that allows you to add and remove fields in the document. If the document fields are blue, you can edit the content of the document fields.

7. In the next screen you will edit the content of the document. Any editable fields can be pre-filled for your partner to easily sign and content can be changed accordingly. If your partner has edit rights, they will be able to make changes to these fields and send it back for your to approve.

8. Click Proceed to begin the signing process.

*Note: Any part of the document can be made editable. If you are having issues formatting the contents of your PDF prior to upload, please feel free to reach out to us and we will format your content at no extra cost.

If you’re still having trouble, please email and one of our support staff will be able to assist you further.