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About SignOnTheGo® – Who We Are 

About SignOnTheGo®: an e-signature platform that allows users to edit, sign digitally, and send official e-documents to all prospective business partners. SignOnTheGo® was created to fulfill a series of needs for the small business segment, individual professionals, and mid-size businesses.

About SignOnTheGo® WHO WE ARE
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Our goals:
  1. to deliver the highest product quality and value.
  2. to deliver the highest service quality in customer care.
  3. to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.
Quality & Value
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SignOnTheGo® Workflow

Manage Profile

Create user profile, invite co-workers to collaborate on documents.

Unlimited Revisions

Negotiate the terms and conditions. Counter-edit, track and accept or decline changes before signing.

Cloud Integration

Integrated with industry leading cloud solutions Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

Use Our Templates

Use existing templates available in-app. Alter the terms as necessary and send.

Upload Custom Doc

Upload your own documents from your mobile device, cloud storage or desktop.

eSign Documents

Add handwritten signature, image, date stamp or initials anywhere in the document.

Document Archive

Executed documents are stored to archive folder for historical reference.

Share Print Store

Share and print documents, save to your device or network storage.

Rapid Growth of The e-Signature Market

The global e-signature market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 34.7% and reach $9 Billion by 2023. A significant growth in demand for e-signature is anticipated due to surging security concern among enterprises, growing government focus towards eliminating paperless work coupled with growing e-commerce market.

Below is the forecast market size of e-signature demand by 2023:

Username and PIN28%
Signature Pad at POS23%
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)21%
SignOnTheGo’s Best Value Proposition

We are determined to make small businesses our big business. With the increase in demand for e-signature, we are ready to help small businesses and professionals to increase productivity and efficiency.


As demand for e-signatures increase, we will be your trusted agent. We are using blockchain to ensure authenticity of your e-docs.


We will provide our small business members and professionals access to advanced e-signature features.


We will provide competitive advantage in terms of unlimited access to the latest technical development and improvements in the e-signature market.

Why should you choose SignOnTheGo®?


Advanced features, secured platform. Conduct full e-signing workflow process with no restrictions and for less.


Internationalization, advanced process workflow (e.g., terms and conditions workflow), which allow users to do business on their terms.


Advanced security trust-protocol. Blockchain authentication of all executed documents. Secured executed .pdf documents.