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SignOnTheGo® Core features

Negotiation workflow

The workflow allows for editing of the terms and conditions between the parties prior to acceptance of the agreement.

Approval process

Decide about role of partners in the process. Choose if partner needs to edit, approve and sign, just sign or will receive only a copy of signed document.


Once all parties sign the document, the GPS location is recorded in the audit trail.

Unlimited signatures

Unlimited signatures can be added to the document. The document can be signed by multiple partners.

Blockchain technology

Each signed document in being published into blockchain to provide way to verify document authenticity and validity.

Pay-as-you-go service model

You can use Pay-As-You-Go payment model to occasionally send documents for signature without subscription fees, paying only for signed document.

For the Individual:

Our unique Pay-As-You-Go model allows you to upload your own document or choose one of our many templates to customize and send for just one low-fee.

Team Solutions

Choose from one of our many plans designed to make your team more efficient.  With our Business and Enterprise plans you receive access to all advanced features of the individual plan plus customized team dashboards and user management tools.

Manage Users features

All company users can be easily managed using provided administration panel. This includes adding, blocking, removing users and changing their account details.

Activity Dashboard

The activity dashboard provides the administrator with the ability to monitor all activities within the corporate account.

Team Transaction Dashboard

All transactions (documents waiting to be signed, executed documents, etc.), can be seen through the team transaction dashboard.

Manage Team Templates

All corporate templates will be made available for team-sharing.

Documents and Templates

Easily import documents, optionally save them as templates. Alternatively you may use one of our predefined templates prepared for typical business use cases.

Type of Documents

SignOnTheGo® supports variety of document formats, including popular office document types like MS Word™, MS PowerPoint™, RTF and of course natively supported PDF. In addition application provides possibility to create document on the fly from images/photos (incl. instant document capture using your mobile device camera).

Pre-Signature Negotiation Workflow

The workflow allows for editing of the terms and conditions between the parties prior to acceptance of the agreement. Owner of the document has full flexibility to decide who can edit the document.

Custom Templates features

Create customized templates by adding common user interface controls like text fields, checkboxes, signature fields. Control the appearance and behavior of all fields.

Signature Initials

Signatures can be placed anywhere on the document or only in the predefined signature fields. Moreover you can control which signer will need to put his/hers signature in specific signature fields. Signers can put initials, which may be placed automatically on the bottom right corner of the page and may be automatically applied to any page in the document.

Document Retraction

Before anyone party sign, retract the document at no extra cost. The workflow process for the document will be terminated and your partners will be notified about document cancellation.

Multiple Roles Process

Once preparing document to send for signature, the workflow can be customized. User can decide about the specific roles of the partners in the process (who needs to accept and may edit, who needs to sign only or who will get only a copy of signed document).

Custom Signature Order

Add signers to the document and define the order in which the document will be signed by partners.

Unlimited Document Revisions

This process allows for partners to agree to the terms and conditions through unlimited number of revisions before a document can be fully executed.

Document Audit features

Every executed document contains an audit trail page. This page contains detailed information about the document, the events that occured during document processing including timestamp and geolocation information.

Insert Additional Stamps into Document

Additional stamps like notes and images can be inserted into document on the fly to provide additional information.

Track and Compare Changes to Document

An editable document can be changed by partners during negotiation. All changes are saved, new revision of document is being created. Hence all changes are recorded and can be tracked by comparing two revisions of the document.

Multi-Signature Workflow

Unlimited signatures can be added to the document. The document can be signed by multiple partners.

In-Person Signature Workflow

An agreement or document can be drafted on-site and presented to a partner for their signature. The document can be presented and signed on a mobile device (e.g., iOS or Android devices).

E-Mail and Mobile Application Push Notifications

In-app push notifications plus email notifications for all transactions pertaining to user’s activity.

Reminder Notifications

When a document has been sent to a partner, the owner can remind the partner with custom messages. The reminder can be used on multiple occasions on the process flow.

Document Archives

All executed documents will be automatically moved to the archive folder after specified number of days.

Cloud Storage Integration

Integrated with industry leading cloud solutions Box, Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. Enables processing/signing documents imported from cloud storage and exporting executed/signed documents to the cloud storage.

Search features

Search for documents by document name or partner email.

Corporate Templates Library

For corporate accounts, in addition to predefined document templates, company can manage own corporate templates library that can be shared across all the users in the company. Corporate templates can be shared with specific subset of all company users, e.g. sales document templates can be used only by the members of the sales team.

Personalized Templates Library

Users can use predefined templates available in template library or can upload document to their own personalized template folder for future use.

Document Printing

All executed and/or archived documents can be printed directly from the application.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been implemented in the security infrastructure. Each signed document in being published into blockchain to provide way (independent from SignOnTheGo) to verify document authenticity and validity. Read more>>

Audit Trail History

There is associated and audit trail history with each signed document which listing all important events in the document lifecycle. Audit trail can be seen directly in the application or can be downloaded for auditing purpose in form of separate document.

Digital QR Certification Code

Each executed document has a unique identifier verified by blockchain technology and embedded into the executed document. A QR code is added on each audit trail page. This QR Code can be used to verify the authenticity of the document.


This a United States federal law that was passed by the U.S. Congress to facilitate the use of electronic records and electronic signatures in interstate and foreign commerce by ensuring the validity and legal effect of contracts entered into electronically.

PDF Document Lock

One additional layer of security – No parties can make additional edits to an executed document as it is sealed with digital signature. Any change done in such document will invalidate digital signature..

Change History

Each change made in the negotiation/editing process is being tracked and available for the review. History of changes can be compared across different document revisions

Process Flow Overview
Initiate the Process

Upload your own templates or documents to be signed, or use in-app templates. Complete the terms and conditions.

Track & Negotiate

Send, track, receive notifications while documents are moving through the workflow. Negotiate if necessary.

Protected Smart e-Docs

Fully execute all agreements and official documents in real-time. Smart documents will be created through blockchain.

Why should you choose SignOnTheGo®?


Advanced features, secured platform. Conduct full e-signing workflow process with no restrictions and for less.


Internationalization, advanced process workflow (e.g., terms and conditions workflow), which allow users to do business on their terms.


Advanced security trust-protocol. Blockchain authentication of all executed documents. Secured executed .pdf documents.

SignOnTheGo® is the solution for the individual, business or organization seeking a secured and quality digital signature solution at an affordable price without paying for services they don’t use or sacrificing features they need.

Tired of using paper? Want to collaborate faster?

With SignOnTheGo’s features, you can increase efficiency and productivity while collaborating with your business partners. Create, review, edit, track, negotiate terms and conditions anytime. Fully execute agreements in near real-time.

Send custom reminder to your business partners.

Securely exchange documents and verify the authenticity of these documents through blockchain technology.

Implement our state-of-the-art technological advancements into your organizational processes.

Rapid Growth of The e-Signature Market

The global e-signature market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 34.7% and reach $9 Billion by 2023. A significant growth in demand for e-signature is anticipated due to surging security concern among enterprises, growing government focus towards eliminating paperless work coupled with growing e-commerce market.

Below is the forecast market size of e-signature demand by 2023:

Username and PIN28%
Signature Pad at POS23%
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)21%
SignOnTheGo’s Best Value Proposition

We are determined to make small businesses our big business. With the increase in demand for e-signature, we are ready to help small businesses and professionals to increase productivity and efficiency.


As demand for e-signatures increase, we will be your trusted agent. We are using blockchain to ensure authenticity of your e-docs.


We will provide our small business members and professionals access to advanced e-signature features.


We will provide competitive advantage in terms of unlimited access to the latest technical development and improvements in the e-signature market.

Our commitment is to deliver innovative technology at an affordable price in order to keep our clients competitive in a rapidly growing market.

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