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Creative Team

Our team is diverse, knowledgeable, and committed to providing the best Mobile App for signing, editing and sending contracts. Because we want to ensure continued delivery of a more-than-exceptional App for our users, we welcome open communication for questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions to

Ray Sylvain

Founder & President

Crystal Moore

Marketing Comm.

Manoj Jain

System Architect

Manpreet Kaur

Project Manager

Manpreet Singh

iOS Developer

Chandan Yadav

Android Developer

Pardeep Singh


Rahul Kaushal

Quality Analyst

Hridesh Chaudhry

Backend Developer

SignOnTheGo Story

How it Works

SignOnTheGo provides seamless Business Solutions for securely exchanging documents for signing, revising, sending and archiving. Here's how:

  • Create New Account

    Please register to use this application. Please click on "Create New Account". Complete your registration and activate your account by selecting the link sent to your email address. Once you are registered, you may log in.

  • Main Menu

    Once logged in, you will see the Main Menu Screen.

  • Complete Your Profile

    Complete your profile before using SOTG. To complete your profile, please follow these steps: From the Dashboard, please click on User profile options. You can edit your information if needed. Please click on "Add Partner" button to create your partner. This step is mandatory, otherwise you will not able to operate the application successfully. Once you create your partner's profile, he/she will receive a notification.

  • Boilerplate Files

    Return to the dashboard screen and click on "Boilerplate Files". You can upload your own document or choose any pre-created agreement to send to your partner. After choosing a document, you can edit it if you wish and send it to your partner for revision. Your partner can see your document in his/her email.

  • Partner Review

    Now your partner can follow the email's instructions for sending the document back to you via email and/or within the app. He or she may send with or without edits.

  • Revision Process

    Both parties can continue the revision process until the document is mutually agreed (signed by both parties).

  • Documents Stages

    All Documents have four different stages in the Doc Screen.

    • Revisions: This section holds the revision, where it waits to be finalized or agreed on.
    • Draft: This section holds the drafts, where documents are finalized and are ready for signature.
    • Pending: The documents in this section are signed by the user of the app and are pending to be signed by the partner.
    • Executed: All documents that are signed by both parties are shown here.
  • Archive Section

    After the document is executed, the final document will go to Archive section. It will be saved for 30 days.

  • Setting Section

    The Setting section allows a user to edit their preferences:

    • You can save your signature.
    • You can choose date format.
    • You can flush your data after log out.
    • You can set an email from which you want your partners to receive.

This concludes the SOTG process. For more queries please email us at

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